The Brand

We take a generous percentage of profits and allocate them towards funding our own campaigns that bring awareness to the subject of mental health for athletes.

Hit Stick also donates ten percent of sales to organizations whose goals align with ours such as The Hidden OpponentThese initiatives help educate, empower, and inspire athletes to speak up and lean on their support network when they are facing mental health setbacks. We believe that bringing awareness to the issue is crucial and supporting these initiatives will help make a meaningful impact on the future. 

Athletes experiencing mental health struggles often feel like they cannot cope with what they are going through. Therefore, creating a culture where athletes feel more comfortable discussing mental health is crucial. Let's work to end the associated stigma one conversation at a time.

Our apparel allows people to express their support for our brand, and wear what they believe in. Hit Stick's unique logo has a dual meaning. On the surface, the bull running through the bricks represents the tough, relentless mentality that is ingrained in sports culture. Our logo also has a deeper meaning. It signifies the importance of breaking through barriers. As athletes, we need to use the same mentality we have been taught to use on the field, to break through barriers off the field.